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1:1 hypnosis session

1:1 Hypnosis Sessions

Let your subconscious show you
the answers and solutions
for your blockages and issues!

Let your subconscious show you
the answers and solutions
for your blockages and issues!



Experience a deep state of relaxation and enjoy hypnosis as a short vacation to recharge your batteries! Or to boost your own joie de vivre, gain more motivation for work, let go of old blockages or simply enjoy the lightness of being!

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    — Healing childhood wounds
    — Gaining new skills
    — Letting go of old patterns
    — Public Speaking
    — Preparing for exams
    — Increasing self-confidence & self-worth
    — Solving blockades
    — Strengthening the immune system
    — Reduce stress
    — Experience deep relaxation
    — Reduce sleep disturbances
    — Dissolve fears
    — Lose weight
    — Quit smoking
    — and many more

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Hypnosis is a voluntarily chosen state of trance in which the unconscious is addressed directly. Our unconscious is like a hidden chamber in the brain that controls our belief system, our behavior, our dreams and desires, but also our fears. Hypnosis uses the unconscious mind's ability to recognize why we act a certain way and which patterns determine us. It is a very effective way to restructure or reprogram habitual patterns. However, this only works if the client really wants the change. You decide the process yourself!

    Hypnosis should not be confused with sleep. Hypnotic sleep is a fully conscious waking and trance state in which the hypnotized person is in a deep state of relaxation and trance, but still aware of what is happening around them. It is always the client who puts himself/herself into hypnosis, the hypnotist only acts as a tour guide who guides the client through the hypnosis session in a safe and focused manner.

    Trust and well-being are the formulas for successful hypnosis. A preliminary talk and getting to know each other, in which all open questions and concerns can be answered and dealt with, are therefore essential. I'll explain what hypnosis is and isn't and show you what your own imagination can do by walking you through a few small exercises. When the client and the hypnotist have understood the client's wishes and goals, the actual hypnosis can begin. Depending on the goal, it usually takes two to three sessions to ensure desired results and sustained, long-lasting effects.

    My hypnosis sessions cannot replace medical therapies, psychotherapy or psychological treatment. In Austria, diseases and their symptoms are treated by doctors. The treatment of mental disorders is handled by physicians, clinical psychologists and psychotherapists. Hypnosis sessions for diseases, physical and mental health problems and pain are not offered here, but are only forwarded to doctors, psychologists or psychotherapists. My treatments are based on non-scientific methods. If you are in the middle of a medical treatment, please do not interrupt this process without first consulting your doctor.

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