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Sabine Klocker
Sabine Klocker

I help you and me
to live the inner truth
and to unfold the full potential

I help you and me
to live the inner truth
and to unfold the full potential

Freedom & Connection

Freedom & Connection

Freedom means for me to live the life that really suits me *now*! Free from social norms and expectations - a life that satisfies my thirst for adventure and discovery, as well as human and spiritual development! I love this exciting, profound and challenging path, in full connection with my essence, my heart, my soul, other loved ones, in community, as well as in connection with Mother Nature and the magic of the Universe. Freedom and connection, I can also express and celebrate as self-love, love for other people, life itself and the divine!

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Life is
a matter of perspective

About Myself

About Myself

I'm a Transformational / Life / Hypnosis Coach and Trainer as well as Energy Worker. For more than 20 years
I have been working internationally in the field of
personality/team/organization development.

I burn for personal growth, holistic training & coaching; with a lot of heart and with singing, dancing, bodywork as well as system dynamic interventions. I am into authentic encounters, craziness, hidden potentials, manifestation of dreams, working with the inner child, male and female energies, the true essence - and and I like to dive deep into the human soul and nature. My heart's desire is to bring more consciousness and joy of life into the world. Thus I accompany people to dive into their essence and happiness in life! So that each one of us shines, lives and enjoys this party called life, to the full! – and brings a lightful contribution into this world!

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This is me

— local & international
— professional & humorous
— grounded & spiritual
— musical & creative
— balanced & energetic
— emphatic & straightforward
— in the moment & future-oriented

  • Psychosocial Life Coaching - Systemic Coaching Training
  • Hypnosis Coach and Trainer
  • Supervisor
  • Practitioner Provocative Interventions (PCW)
  • Dance for Health (Touch for Health, TCM)
  • De-Armouring
  • Tantra
  • Energy work
  • intuition trainings
  • Constellation work
  • Parenting Training
  • Love Code
  • Interpreter of the Soul
  • NLP Practitioner / Master / Mental & Business Trainer / Coach
  • Advanced Training of Trainers, Training of Trainers & Training for Facilitators
  • Numerous trainings in non-formal education / training & youth work

After my formal teacher training (Masters Degree) and some time of teaching languages (Italian, English) at High School, I soon changed to non-formal education, which has always been my passion. As Secretary General of an International NGO, I organized and led seminars and trainings in 24 countries in Europe. In this position I worked for many years for the rights of young disadvantaged people. Afterwards (from 2005) I started my own business, where I dedicated myself to my two main passions: traveling and educational work/training.

In total, I worked for 20 years as a tour guide and later as a cruise director (river cruising) throughout Europe, managing large groups and events, during the summer-months. In winter, I simultaneously dedicated myself to education and training work, which took me to almost all the countries in Europe, as well as to the United States and to Africa. It was mainly about training the executive level of international NGOs and human rights organizations, or working with ministries of education or other institutions. As a trainer of the Council of Europe trainer's pool I have led countless Training of Trainers and worked in very enriching trainer's teams As a human rights activist, I have been involved in training and being part of many organizations. For several years I was permanently employed as an educational advisor in the Education and Training Department of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

During all these years I have enjoyed numerous training activities for myself and dove deeply into my own personal development. Various systemic coaching trainings and developmental steps have led to opening my own coaching practice. And furthermore, for me to dive deeper into bodywork (energy work, de-armouring, sound healing, dance for health, tantra). This holistic path also has become a very spiritual path - to live my true essence and divinity, as well as - to carry my own talents, abilities and gifts, into this world.

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