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Sabine Klocker

Change needs support
Go courageously into your future
Create sustainable results

. 1:1 Sessions

. 1:1 Sessions

Holistic coaching & training is very close to my heart - preferably in connection with
singing, dance, bodywork and systemdynamic interventions.
I am a transformational coach, hypnosis coach and trainer, energetic practicioner and since 20 years
international trainer in the field of personality/team/organisational development.

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— Heart & Soul Coaching
Systemic, holistic coaching to bring more joy, love and healing into your private life!

— Offer:
Individually or as a package - online, in nature and at my coaching practice in Vienna (Austria) or Aljezur (Portugal).

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— Business & Soul Coaching
Executive coaching Resolving internal and external conflicts at work. Joyful learning in connection with work, vocation and your soul's longing

— Offer:
Individually or as a package - online, in nature and at my coaching practice in Vienna (Austria) or Aljezur (Portugal). Individually tailored for companies and individual entrepreneurs.

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Coaching offer

— profound & sustainable
— enriching & moving
— individual & systemic
— transformative & healing
— adventurous & ecstatic

Let your subconscious mind reveal the answers and solutions to your blocks and issues! - while you enjoy deep relaxation and recharge your batteries!

Coaching helps to let go of anger, sadness, stress and all kinds of blockages, as well as conflicts. It helps you to process conflicts in a healthy way. You will dive deep into your own being and courageously face your own issues. In order to be and become the person you really are! In full freedom, craziness, sensuality and ecstasy.

  • What is really important to you in life?
  • What are you longing for?
  • Where do you not have the strength to move forward or let go?
  • In which areas of life are you stuck in? or feel limited?
  • Are you already living your dream life?
  • Have you already arrived at your full potential? - professionally and privately?
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