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Sabine Klocker
Sabine Klocker

Live your true essence
Unleash your creator potential
Awaken the divine in you

Live your true essence
Unleash your creator potential
Awaken the divine in you

 . Mission

. Mission

My mission is to bring women into their full power: to realize the true potential of being a woman; to live the divine feminine to the full, with all your creative power, with a fulfilled sexuality and loads of sensuality! May the inner goddess and healer unfold!

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stop acting so small

We are the universe
in ecstatic motion

. Women Retreat

. Women Retreat

You long for connection with

❤ your essence
❤ your heart,
❤ your soul,
❤ your body
❤ and Mother Nature?

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Women Circle

Women Circle

Goddess, Queen, Mage, Rebel, Lover, Healer
– come into your power and show yourself fully and completely!

Enjoy this space to be exclusively among women and to go deep into your essence and femininity! Explore the different archetypes of womanhood and feel held in sisterhood - to be, to feel, to share, to listen and to be seen completely. Heart Sharing in Sisterhood!

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Hypno Healing

Hypno Healing

Trance and hypnosis work in small groups. Let go of the old — heal & activate your colorful inner core and your full life energy! To be freer, lighter, more joyful, and more sexy with your dance through life! A sparkling mixture of dance, hypnosis session and transformation exercises on various topics.

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Soul Agenda

— Be crazy
— Discover hidden potentials
— Manifest your dreams
— Work with your inner child
— Meet your true self

A reboot of your femininity. Deep grounding and connection. Leave everything old behind you

Upcoming Women Retreats

Let go of the old & activate your inner colorful core and your full life energy!

Upcoming Hypno Healing Workshops

Show up in your full strength. Embrace your vulnerability. Live your wisdom and intuition to the full.

Upcoming Women Circles

Business & Soul Coaching, Heart & Soul Coaching or private hypnosis sessions. Individually or as a package - online, in nature and at my coaching practice in Vienna.

More about Coaching

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